Pancake Machine Package (Automated)
Pancake Machine Package (Automated) $149.00 EA

Olympic Party Hire Adelaide

Pancake Machine Package - Includes automated machine - 2 x bag of pancake mix (up to approx 40 pancakes per bag) - Additional bags are $27 each

*** note: only certified pancake mix in a patented bag will work in this machine***

This machine is around the same size as a standard microwave. It is very compact in nature so it does not take up too much space and will plug into a standard power point.

No more measuring ingredients, having flour spread all over the kitchen and spending hours making and cooking pancakes. We set the machine to cook the perfect pancake for you. You can choose 3 different size pancakes and even if you want them cooked lighter or darker.

We program the machine during set up, all you need to do is press a button and 20-30 seconds later the perfect pancake is delivered to your plate.

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